22 Nail Art Decors That Would Definitely Melt Your Eyes

22 Nail Art Decors That Would Definitely Melt Your Eyes

We’ve got the most awesome nail art products for you to purchase this year and we certainly can’t pick our favorite so we recommend you have them all! This article will make things easy for you as you could check them out for yourself. We hope you love ‘em.

For the love of glitters or anything that shines, here are some of what you could take:

  1. Glittery Nail Art Roll for Dull Polish

These are self-adhesive 1mm/2mm/3mm glitter line strips that would add charm and artistic quality to your gel or acrylic polished nail art. Your nails will look especially lit with a little gold or silver.


  1. Chic Metallic Stickers For Your Next Nail Art Party

Similar to glitter line strips, Metallic Stickers exhibits a floral vector-type of nail art for a Victorian Era fashion. Metallic Stickers include silver or golden crown or vectors.


  1. Magical Sequins Nail Glitter Powder, Pixie dust to your Nail Art

A Party-ready nail requires a Sequin Nail Glitter Powder which can be applied within seconds. Just the right amount of this nail art decoration will give your nails a handy makeover. 6 boxes of different sequin colors totally worth your allowance!

Have your own magical nail art accessory here!


  1. Captivating Metallic Linear Pattern Stickers for Every Sophisticated Woman’s Nail Art 

Wavy line strips in Gold, White, Silver, Black and Rose Gold that will remind you of sparkling charms and pieces of jewelry. These nail art stickers enhance the plain black and white nail polish which will absolutely look gorgeous on your cocktail dress!

Check out this seducing nail art stickers here!


  1. Adorable Little Mickey Mouse Nail Rhinestones for Youthful Yet Stylish Nail Decor

These are nail art accessories that obviously brings you back to your childhood memories. Mickey Mouse Nail Rhinestones are made of alloy and rhinestones suitable not just for mani-pedi but also for your cellphone, books, cards or glass decoration.

Grab your Disney’s favorite character Mickey Mouse-inspired nail decoration here!


  1. Shiny Stars Nail Stickers to Glow Up your Hands in Style

You can make your starry nail art with these easy to apply 3D Stars Nail Stickers. A sheet contains different sizes of stars which also varies in color. They are amazingly suitable for colorless nail polish.

Hurry and get this limited product now!


  1. Unique Hexagon-Shape Glitter Nail Sequin that Would Change the Conventional Nail Polish

Aside from Stars Nail Stickers, you can also use the Hexagon Shape Glitter Nail Sequin to fill your long pretty nails. They are multicolored mini hexagon-shape made especially for your fingertips perfect for gel or acrylic type of polish. One bottle of these nail art decors could make your nails sparkle in no time!

Dying to have this hexagon-shaped glitter? See it here


BUT OF COURSE, for those who like to have a “minimalist” style, here are some of our top-pick nail art sticker recommendations. Check out these conventional yet classy nail art decorations starting with:

  1. Fashionable Knitted Style Nail Stickers to Match Your OOTD.

If you’re a fan of autumn season — blankets and hot chocolate — I’m sure you’d like it on your nails too. The Knitted Style Nail Stickers will give you just the fall-inspired fashion nail art. It’s super adorable with its pretty pastel colors.

Turn into the girl next door with the fashionable knitted style nail stickers available here


  1. Glamorous White Flowers Nail Art Stickers Perfect for Social Gatherings

White Flowers Nail Art Stickers are not your cartoon-like flower prints. These are water transfer tattoo stickers that can be easily applied on your nails. Sweet flowers for a sweet girl like you.

Discover this product now!


  1. Weightless Charming Feather Nail Stickers To End Your Dark Mood

Light touch of feathers bring an amazing difference to your nail art. The Feather Nail Stickers sheet has a mixture of charming feather designs suitable to your teen-inspired nail art.

Get a hold of this cute nail art stickers here


  1. Natural-looking Flower Water Transfer Nail Sticker That Looks Like Professionally Hand Painted

Fall in love with a close to real flower print and have it in a few easy steps. The Flower Water Transfer Nail Stickers look perfectly exquisite with its vibrant color on top of your polished nails.

Purchase the easy to apply natural-looking Flower Water Transfer Nail Stickers here 


  1. Over the top Gradient And Marble Nail Art Stickers You Will Surely Go For

One of our top and most recommended nail art decorations is the Gradient and Marble Nail Art Stickers. These are top quality marble print designs that best used during a wedding or semi-formal events.


  1. Elegant Flower Water Nail Stickers Excellent for Formal Occasions

Flower Water Nail Stickers are sophisticated floral vector that looks like a nail art in an Old English period. Included in the sheet are simple minimalistic floral patterns for your gorgeous polished nails.

Treat yourself with the Elegant Flower Water Nail Stickers now


  1. Geometric Cartoon Animal Nail Stickers to Achieve Cute Animated Fingers

Geometric Cartoon Animal Nail Stickers are indeed different than your usual design. They are your favorite animal prints in a geometric pattern which gives your nail art an awesome vague design.

Smartly-designed Geometric Animal Nail Stickers available here


  1. Merry Little Christmas Design Nail Stickers for Holiday Season!

A happy holiday impression is what you will get with these Christmas Design Nail Stickers. Ready yourself for cute fat Santa, red and white candy cane, snowflakes, sweet candy treats and Rudolf the red-nose reindeer.

Check these limited-only stickers here


Do You Want More? Don’t worry, we got it covered!

  1. Customized your Fingernails with Modern Holographic Letters Nail Sequins 

You can make your nail art personalized with these Holographic Letters Nail Sequins. These are mixed 26 laser sparkly letters in one bottle available in 6 colors.

Create and customize using this product now!


  1. Pretty Heart & Stars Holographic Nail Sequins Nail Accessory

Holographic Nail Sequins in Heart and Stars are delightfully right for your sweet taste. With these nail art decorations, you can mix and match together with your kids in a fun nail salon party!

Get this cuteness overload nail accessory here!


  1. Top Recommended Holographic Rainbow Nail Stickers Best for Black Polish

These are our personal favorite — the Holographic Rainbow Nail Stickers are mixed floral, heart, and geometrical patterns in multicolored holographic laser foil. These nail art stickers will give you the bohemian vibes and will bring you back to your last Coachella party.

Grab this product now!


  1. Wintery Holographic Snowflakes Nail Stickers for Jack Frost Season

If the Christmas Designed Nail Stickers are not enough for you, here’s a Holographic Snowflakes Nail Stickers which are fascinating holiday-related nail art decorations. These are silver and golden snowflakes that will stand out in your black and white polished nails.

Forget the traditional plain black or white polish and purchase the Holographic Snowflakes Nail Stickers here


  1. Best Holographic Design: Intricate Leaf Shaped Holographic Nail Sequins

Similar to our favorite Holographic Rainbow Nail Stickers, Leaf Shaped Nail Sequins are awesome horse-eye shaped multicolored flakes that could form a leaf or any other pretty patterns when combined.

We know you want it! See it here


  1. Holographic Starry Laser Nail Foil Stickers for an Creative-inspired Nail Art

When you wish upon a star, anything your heart desires will come to you. If this is true, then you have to get our Holographic Starry Laser Nail Foil stickers. Just like a starry sky, these nail art foil stickers make you want to wish for it.

Discover these Nail stickers today!


  1. Retro Holographic Nail Stickers with Mixed Metal Glamour

Holographic Nail Stickers are simple mixed metal stickers to complement your newly polished nails. Use with dark nails to see better results.


  1. Extremely Cool Holographic Bubbles Nail Sequins With Rocking Twist

Last but not the least, get ready for our disco-inspired Holographic Bubbles Nail Sequin that you can easily apply on both artificial and natural nails. Feel the 70s vibe while putting on the high-quality multicolored round flakes and get ready to have the best nail art in town!

Do we have what you’re looking for? Send us your thoughts and let us know if we could add more to our adorable nail art collections!

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